Google Apps for Business

A set of handy online tools that will allow your team to collaborate effortlessly

What is Google Apps for Business?

It is a comprehensive, user-friendly approach to online communication that combines:

  • Google Docs: A shared online office environment that provides you with a platform to create Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Power Point documents and much more in a way that allows your co-workers to contribute for wherever they may be.

  • Shared Calendar: A dynamic, shared calendar makes time management an absolute breeze!

  • Video Conferencing and seamless instant messaging: Connect with co-workers in real time no matter your location.

  • Google Drive: 30GB of combined storage for your emails and data (documents, videos, photos and more) that can be made accessible to various people for quick and easy collaboration.

Why do I need it?

Google Apps for Business is a smart, cost-effective way of streamlining your business strategies. It allows you and other members of your team to work on integrated projects no matter where you are, how you access the internet or which device you use.

What do you need from me to get started?

We need to know the following:

  • What is your current communications infrastructure setup?

  • Where are its shortfalls? What would you like to improve upon and/or streamline?

Once we’ve determined what exactly you need for your business to function optimally, we’ll be able to migrate your online infrastructure to Google Apps and set you on the route to a quicker, more effective communication.

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