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We at Nerd Corp, understand that you have a great idea that needs to be seen by everyone , you have a business plan, you ready to go, but just cannot get someone to understand your vision. Speak with us and we will take your vision and dreams , making it a reality.

Web development

Form follows function. By evaluating your business’ unique requirements we are able to provide a user-friendly content management system and streamlined function flow. What is web development? In its purest form, web development is the process of creating a custom website that meets the precise requirements of an established business or entrepreneurial venture. It focuses on the large variety of functions, services and strategies that goes into producing, maintaining and monitoring a website. Nerd Corp uses Django Python Development. Where web design refers to the way your website looks, web development is geared towards its functionality and, ultimately, to how successful it will be in attracting customers and converting their visits to business. Think of web development as the process of building the skeleton and muscles of your site – without a nice, limber structure, all the pretty words and pictures in the world would do no good.

Why do you need it?

From standard display sites to full-blown web applications and online stores, we develop your site functionality around your specific requirements. We fully adhere to best practices and ensure that we keep up with the very latest technological advances by using enterprise standard MVC web-frameworks like Python’s Django, PHP’s Zend Framework, Javascripts Backbone and even libraries like jQuery or Bootstrap. By doing so we are able to ensure improved code maintainability, as well as speed and efficiency of development. Doing things this way has many advantages, including: Lean, efficient code that translates to faster loading times, which directly relates to user experience and aquisition, as well as improved search engine rankings and code maintainability. A well organised website that is easy to maintain and adapt as your needs develop and new technology becomes available.

What do we need from you to start?

Your goals. Websites are simply tools that help you to reach a goal –

  1. We need to know what you wish to achieve.
  2. The vision you have for your application.
  3. Knowing how you envision the end product will allow us to help you to achieve it as closely as possible.
  4. Some time to think, plan and research the best possible long-term solution for your website. For larger projects we usually recommend a phased development approach, which will allow us to focus on the core of your application, before adding additional non-critical, nice-to-have features.
  5. Once we know the what, why and how of what we’re developing, we will start the application planning phase. This varies from project to project, but in its most basic form will consist of a sitemap, wireframe mockups and proposed database models.
  6. After this initial planning phase, we will start working on the code of your website.
  7. At this point we will also start working with you on other extremely important aspects of your website, namely SEO Copywriting and Web Design.

South African web development at its best, getting your vision out for the world to see

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