Nerd Corp is based in South Africa and focus on Everything software related, from software development, software app development and software web development to software mobile development.

Proudly South African

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Software development at its best

Proudly South Afircan

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From web design to web development, SEO and copywriting, we’ll build it and, believe us, they will come.

Think of us as those kids from Captain Planet, all grown up – we are each the master of our individual craft, but with our powers combined we become an all-singing, all-dancing web design machine that gets you what you want, how you want it, the first time around. Be it Web design, web development , SEO Copywriting, Search Engine Marketing, hosting or Google Adwords campaigns. We cover all assets to what a successful website requires.

Having done many successful projects, Nerd Corp can guarantee any job , no matter how small or big.

Founded in 2013, Nerd Corp has grown from a humble company to a formidable, yet humble company. Making use of in-house and outsourced skills, Nerd Corp project manages every development adventure to insure standard is met.